Bedrock Tweaks

A Complete Unofficial Port of Vanilla Tweaks to Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Official Website: Vanilla Tweaks

Equivalent to Java Datapacks


  • v2.0.0
  1. Complete revamp of all the site and packs.
  2. Added compatibility to all Minecraft Bedrock Devices.
  3. Added compatibility between all the different shader based packs.
  4. Fixes lots of bugs related to the Addons and improved the impact of them ingame.

Most of textures and features are owned by VanillaTweaks except the indicated with other creator, this is just a Fan Made port to another Game Version. Any issues with this packs report them to DrAv0011 and not to the Vanilla Tweaks Team or Xisuma Void.

For Bugs, Updates, Requests or any issue regarding Bedrock Tweaks: Contact