Legal Disclaimer

This is the legal disclaimer and use authotization of Bedrock Tweaks.

In my side I'm authorized to make this port of Vanilla Tweaks site by MSpaceDev and André Paulo, two of the people who work on original Vanilla Tweaks for Minecraft Java Edition, as long as they do not have any of the work on their site.

In case Vanilla Tweaks releases the Resource Packs, I would remove all the ones they have released on their site, same for Addons (aka Java Datapacks) and Crafting Tweaks.

All of the packs were redone from scratch trying to achieve the most similar functionality as Official Vanilla Tweaks, none of their Datapacks or Crafting Tweaks would work in Minecraft Bedrock, so none of their assets were used for this except for the textures and preview images.

Original agreement only let me redistribute the ports of the Datapacks and Crafting Tweaks, but because of high user demand of the Resource Packs too, I have agreed with them to be able to redistribute the Resource Packs port too while they do not release theirs.

And the general Vanilla Tweaks Terms and Usage

Vanilla Tweaks ─ Terms and Usage

It is perfectly fine for anyone to use, modify and share our packs within their projects for the betterment of the community.
However, you may only do so if it does not infringe on the following terms and conditions:

Section 1 - Terms
1.1. You cannot redistribute our tweaks as they are, without proper modification and/or additions.

1.2. You cannot restrict access or sell any pack that includes our tweaks through donations and/or a paywall.

1.3. You cannot distribute our tweaks without appropriate credit (refer to Section 2)

1.4 You can distribute your pack with our tweaks, as long as your pack includes proper modification and/or additions.

1.5. You can distribute your pack with our tweaks, as long as you have appropriately credited Vanilla Tweaks (refer to Section 2).

1.6. You can distribute your pack with our tweaks, as long as it is free to use for the community.

Section 2 - Credits

2.1. You must include the below text on all main publishing platforms that you may use. (Minecraft Forum, Planet Minecraft, Minecraft Maps, Curseforge, etc.).
2.2. You must create a credits.txt within your project that includes the below text.

For redistributing Bedrock Tweaks, you have the same conditions as above, as exception of the credits which need to be as follows:


And if you use any pack which has another user involved (stated on the bottom of each page), you should also add them to the credits.

For any questions, problems or doubts please contact me. Contact