BT Changelogs

  • v2.6.0

    - 2D Spyglass removes the 3D model for the handheld Spyglass, using a 2D sprite instead.
    - Accurate Spyglass recolours the Spyglass to use Copper and Amethyst colours, to reflect its crafting recipe.
    - Alternate Cut Copper makes all Cut Copper blocks resemble their look from their first appearance on Minecraft Live.

    - Visual Waxed Copper (Items) adds a honey border around Waxed Copper in the inventory. This does not affect placed blocks.

    - Borderless Tinted Glass removes the border around Tinted Glass.
    - Clean Tinted Glass removes the streaks in Tinted Glass.
    - Transparent Spyglass Overlay makes the Spyglass overlay transparent.

    Menu Panoramas:
    - TU70 Tutorial World (Legacy Console) Panorama is a 360° view of Minecraft: Console Edition TU70's tutorial world.

    - Pre-1.17 Ores reverts all ores to their pre-1.17 textures, including Copper Ore and all Deepslate variants.
    - Dirt Path to Grass Path changes the newly named 'Dirt Path' back to 'Grass Path'.

    - Darth Xisuma Piglins changes Piglins, Zombified Piglins and Piglin Brutes' textures to Xisuma's Darth Vader skin.
    - Emeralds to Rubies changes Emeralds to Rubies, believe it or not!
    - English Enchanting Table Translation translates the Enchanting Table language into English. This will not help you with enchanting, as the words and phrases are completely random gibberish.
    - Smiley Axolotls gives Axolotls a smiley face. :)
    - WHAT replaces the Spyglass overlay with the 'WHAT' meme template with music included.
    - Screaming Goat Meme replaces the Screaming Goats' sounds to the Screaming Goat meme from 2012.

    - Cat Fix fixes z-fighting under all cats' chins and fixes the miscoloured white texture on the upper face of the Black Cat's legs.

    Fixes to existing packs:
    - Overhauled Brewing Guide (Obbiously is compatible with Dark UI and also with any resource pack you have on!)
    - Retextured Ancient Debris to use Lava textures so they stand out more in Uniform Ores.
    - Pebbleless Dirt now includes Rooted Dirt.
    - Uniform Ores, Ore Borders and Unlit Redstone Ore now all use 1.17 ore textures, and include Deepslate variants.
    - Whiter Snow now includes Powder Snow.
    - Visual Infested Stone (Items) now includes Infested Deepslate.
    - Smaller Utilities now includes Glow Berries.
    - Undergound Lava Pool Panorama has been updated to include Deepslate and Deepslate Ores, Dripstone and a Lush biome.
    - Dungeons Dirt now includes Rooted Dirt.
    - Nicer Fast Leaves now includes Azalea Leaves.
    - Double Slab Fix now includes Polished Deepslate Slabs.
    - Fixed in Different Stems Melon not working.
    - Fixed in Directional Observers Icon the arrow being Inverted.
    - Removed Quick Crafting for the Inventory and Crafting Table as vanilla already supports it (Stonecutter and Villager Trading stays).
    - Fixed No Vignette and Hotbar Offset Fix being incompatible.
    - Fixed Hotbar Offset Fix not working on Creative Mode and optimized it's code.
    - Removed some packs from Fixes category as they were implemented in Minecraft Vanilla.
    - Changed Rainbow XP bar look so does not have the green color on the back.

    - Changed site look to fit how I always see it with my dark theme :P
    - Fixed not filling up properly
    - Fixed small and compatibility issues.

  • v2.5.1
    Small Update


    - Phantom Elytra retextures Elytra to look like Phantom wings.
    - Dragon Elytra retextures Elytra to look like Ender Dragon wings.

    - Lush Grass All 'Round! makes the entire world use the Mushroom Island grass colourmap.

    - Sensible Ores retextures ores based on what they drop.
    - Unlit Redstone Ore makes unlit Redstone Ore use the same palette as unlit Redstone Wire until its lit, when it then returns to its default, bright red colour.

    - Legacy Console Emerald gives Emeralds their Legacy Console (pre-Bedrock Edition) texture.
    - Legacy Console Snowball gives Snowballs their Legacy Console Edition texture.

    - Old Level Up Sound brings back the old level up jingle when you hit increment of 5 XP levels.

    - Consistent Helmets adds nose-pieces to the helmet items that are missing them (iron, gold & diamond).
    - Cactus Bottom Fix recolors the bottom of the cacti to match the rest of the cactus.

    Fixes to existing packs:
    - Moved Darker Dark Oak Leaves to Terrain.
    - Added backside texture to Sticky Pistons in Sticky Piston Sides. This applies to Honey Slimes and Colorful Slimes packs.
    - Changed Standard Galactic Alphabet description to English.
    - Moved Vex Elytra to Aesthetic.
    - Fixed Consistent Boat Item Oars not displaying in the site.
    - Removed Endless End Rods due to it not working properly.
    - Updated Clean Glass Textures.
    - Re added some packs which were removed by accident.

  • v2.5.0

Resource Packs


- Variated Bricks adds 7 new random brick block textures with different coloured bricks to make your brick builds feel a bit more natural.

- Compass Lodestone adds North, East, South and West markings on the sides of the Lodestone, so you can use it as a stationary compass.

- Old Door Sounds makes doors, trapdoors and fence gates sound like before Minecraft 1.0.
- Dirt Background replaces menu panorama with classic versions Dirt Background.

- Consistent Oars recolors the oars on all boat items to match the boat colour itself.

- Java Map gives Map items their textures from Minecraft: Java Edition.

- Lower Shield renders the shield lower so is not as obtrusive.
- Invisible totem hides totems when held in first person

Menu Panoramas:
- End Panorama replaces the default Minecraft menu panorama with a 360° view of the main End island.
- Nostalgia Panorama replaces the default Minecraft menu panorama with a 360° view of a neon green plains biome from Alpha.
- Stridey's Dev World Panorama replaces the default Minecraft menu panorama with a 360° view of Stridey's resource pack development world.
- No Panorama Overlay removes the white-to-black overlay on any panoramas that have it.

Fixes to existing packs:
- Removed Green Jungle Wood. (To be equivalent with VT. Separated download: ADDLINKHEREBRO)
- Better Bedrock has been renamed to 'Alternate Bedrock'.
- Better Observers has been renamed to 'Directional Observers'
- Recoloured some textures in Yellow and White Slimes to include hue shifting.
- Invisible item Frames Typo.
- Recoloured Ancient Debris' border to use Lava colour palette rather than the Netherite Block's in Ore Borders (much easier to see).
- Retextured sun and moon in 3D Sun and Moon. They're a much higher resolution now.
- Renamed Trading+ to Trading Helper and added support to see all unlocked trades on it (Thanks to @TheBlueShadow#7153).
- Fixed Age 25 Kelp not being animated.
- Fixed Creeper head not having have Dungeons Creeper texture in Dungeons Creepers.
- Fixed Java Boom, sometimes not working properly.
- Fixed Darker Oak Leaves inventory item not changing colour.
- Remastered Oceanside Extreme Hills, Lakeside Sunset & Underground Lava Pool panoramas.
- Jappa Painting Back, Jappa Signs & Accurate Jungle Doors now uses 1.17's official textures.


- Gem Villagers adds some custom villagers to trade Treasure Gems to Mini Blocks.
- Treasure Gems adds some different gems to the world loot used to trade with Gem Villagers.
- Wandering Trades adds Mini Blocks Trades to the Wandering Trader.
- Wandering Trades - Hermit Edition also adds the Hermit Heads to the Wandering Trader.

- Reworked completely the site (again).
- More packs support.
- Custom download name support.
- Better mobile devices display.
- Easier management.

  • v2.4.1
    Small Resource Packs Fixes Update


- Jappa Clock backports Jappa's new clock texture from 1.17.
- Jappa Compass backports Jappa's new compass texture from 1.17.

Fixes to existing pack
- Quick Crafting and Trading + incompatibility.
- Updated Crimsoner Crimson textures.
- Updated Dark UI to be compatible to 1.16.100+.
- Fixed Old Netherrack.

  • v2.4.0
    Resource Pack Update
    -Dark Oak Saturation is back! Reduces the saturation and brightness of Dark Oak Planks.

    - Brown Leather recolours all leather items such as Leather itself, Saddles, Item Frames, etc. to brown.
    - Horizontal Nuggets does the same as Vertical Nuggets, but the other way around, for Gold Nuggets instead of Iron Nuggets.
    - Golden Crown retextures the Golden Helmet to look like a crown.

-Jungle Door Item Fix retextures the Jungle Door item for consistency with it's block counterpart.

- Renamed Sideways Nuggets to 'Horizontal Nuggets'.

  • v.2.3.1
    Small Resource Packs Fixes Update

    - Visual Infested Stone Items adds a border around Infested Stone in the inventory. This will not affect the placed blocks as is too 'cheaty'.

    Fixes to existing pack
    - Darker Dark Oak Leaves wrong title.
    - Ashless Campfire description.
    - Variated End Stone description.
    - Glass Trapdoors containing Glass Door items.
    - Dark GUI now has also the HUD Buttons Dark. Thanks to some people who told me how to fix the potions effect issue with it
    - Quick Crafting now also has Quick Trading, and added back support for double tap to quick craft in inventory and crafting table.

  • v.2.3.0
    Small Resource Pack Update

    - Ashless Campfires removes the 'ash' from unlit Campfires and Soul Campfires.

    - Fancy Sunflowers retextures the heads of Sunflowers bloom a bit more.


    - Stridey Striders is an awful pack that makes Striders look like me. Sorry.

    Fixes to existing packs
    - Enderman in Smash Enderman now takes its texture directly from SSBU's assets. Thanks to @MuddyFoot!
    - Moved Shorter Grass and Shorter Tall Grass to Terrain.

  • v2.2.0
    Resource Pack Update

    - Glass Trapdoors
    - Darker Dark Oak Leaves
    - Bed

    - Super Smash Bros Enderman


    - Variated Dirt
    - Variated Grass
    - Variated Cobblestone
    - Variated Birch Logs
    - Variated Red Mushroom Blocks
    - Variated End Stone
    - Variated Gravel
    - Variated Mycelium
    - Variated Planks
    - Variated Stone
    - Variated Terracotta
    - Variated Unpolished Stones
    - Variated Bookshelves

    Fixes to existing packs
    - Smaller utilities now also contains Potions, Bottles and Firework Rockets
    - Updated Xisuma Squid texture to avoid Mixels
    - Dungeons stone now has 12 stone variants

  • v2.1.0

Resource Pack Update

-Colorful Enchanting Particles
-Pink End Rods
-Glass Doors
-Flint Tipped Arrows
-Splash Bottle o' Enchanting
-Green Jungle Wood
-Crimsoner Crimson
-Smoother Warped Planks

Peace And Quiet
-Quieter Rain

-Arabic Numerals

-Unobtrusive Rain
-Unobtrusive Snow
-Unobtrusive Particles
-Shorter Swords

-No How To Play Button

Menu Panorama

-Old Minecraft Logo
-Old Planks

-Jappa Painting Back
-Soul Soil Campfire
-Smoker Fix


-Java Boom
-Java Kelp
-Java Dragon Ball
-Dungeons Creepers
-Dungeons Alex and Steve
-Dungeons Dirt
-Dungeons Stone
-Dungeons Terracotta

Fixes to existing packs:

-Alternate Particles
Was divided in 2 packs: Colorful Enchanting Particles and Unobstrusive Particles

-Hunger Preview
Changed Texture and compatibility with some devices

-Brewing Guide
Updated brew sheet look

-Unobtrusive rain
Was divided in 2 packs Unobtrusive rain (which contains only texture/particle edits) and Quieter Rain (only sound)

-No vignette
Fixes incompatibility with some packs

-Trading +
Fixed mobile incompatibility

-Old Ice
Tweaked it's texture

-Old Obsidian
Added Enchanting Table and Respawn Anchor

  • v2.0.0

  1. Complete revamp of all the site and packs.

  2. Added compatibility to all Minecraft Bedrock Devices.

  3. Added compatibility between all the different shader based packs.

  4. Fixes lots of bugs related to the Addons and improved the impact of them ingame.